[Feature Request] Open library stuff in browser instead of launcher

One of the things that would make a lot of things faster to go through if there is a right mouse click menu on a link (or ) to open the item in your real browser instead of loading the page in the launcher which makes you loose the page you’re actually on. The launcher is just too slow and cumbersome to just check assets out. If I want to just explore 5 different assets, I have to open my library, go to asset, click it and it just opens the asset in the launcher, so I need to select my library again and go back to see another asset, but in the meantime I can’t have the previous open and compare it with the other.
The launcher being a one-window only application makes it a crappy application for your library IMHO.

Another solution would be if you could just see your libary in the browser itself, it is doable as when I open the asset in the marketplace in the browser it also has the option to add it to the project from there.