Feature request: One file per actor, include actor name in external actor file names

Hi friends. Currently when using any source control provider apart from Perforce, you don’t know what actors have changed. The path looks like


It would greatly improve accessibility to have the actor name from the world outliner included in that, for example:


100% agree, I was really excited to see file per actor implemented but disappointed at the naming.

The current naming makes it difficult to use for any team I’ve been on, and probably many others not using the Perforce or the editor SCM extensions.

OP’s naming suggestion would make it a lot more usable!

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Definitely. It’s currently impossible to know what is what… It’s absurd.


I’m going to bump this up because this is sorely needed for all of us not using Perforce version control (we’re on Subversion and OFPA naming is killing us).

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Sorry to steer the question in another direction, I’m actually wondering how you handle those world partitionning file in perforce ? As far as i can see, they have to be read/write for unreal to save correctly, but doing so p4 doesnt see them as modified.

How do you keep the file read/write while checking them out in perforce? Other than checkouting the whole folder ? have you written a script of some kind ? I’ve tried different typemap without sucess.

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Try adding this string to your Typemap:

    binary+l //....uasset

That is a lockable designation. It means it’s read/write but also will be locked when modified in editor (when Source Control is connected) or when checked-out manually in P4V.

Since External Actors are just uassets, they can (and should) be treated by P4 the same as any other uasset you’re working with in your project.

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