[FEATURE REQUEST] Official multi-display / multiple monitor support

There have been a number of posts regarding support for outputting to multiple displays from one or more in-game cameras:

Extending the engine is not only cumbersome, but from observing the threads above, people seem to have a limited rate of success, and even then these efforts are likely to break with engine updates. While this type of configuration is natively supported in Unity and very easy to setup for non-standard display configurations, Unreal is a superior engine in many ways, and there is and has been clear community interest in this topic.

Can Epic please implement native support for this?

Hi Frank, apologies for not seeing this way sooner; I apparently forgot to subscribe to the post. I have not specifically seen that request, although there are similarities in the linked discussions above. Ideally that exact scenario and more would be possible with a native feature set that exposes an ability to target multiple displays with one or more cameras/textures.

For anyone looking to solve this problem. Unreal engine 4.20 has a new plugin called n-display that allows you to sync multiple computers + screen :slight_smile: I look forward to using it.


Any update on this feature?
nDisplay can split a single viewport, but thats not what we need.

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nDisplay dev here,
what kind of setup exactly are you looking for? We have been deploying all kind of exotic systems and I can’t imagine what won’t be possible with existing state of nDisplay :slight_smile:

I want to know how just to render a simple menu and maybe a scene capture component to an additional viewport on one computer.

I have the same question))) How to make multi display? Like Nintendo 3DS…

How to setup nDisplay config to view 2 cluster nodes instances on one PC, but on different monitors?

I would recommend looking into cave_5_sides_unwrap.cfg config within ExampleConfigs under nDisplay template project.
It got 5 separate application instances at single machine.
You can manipulate window position by specifying coordinates within [window] section

[window] id=“wnd_left” viewports=“vp_left” fullscreen=“false” WinX=“0” WinY=“300” ResX=“600” ResY=“400”
[window] id=“wnd_front” viewports=“vp_front” fullscreen=“false” WinX=“600” WinY=“300” ResX=“600” ResY=“400”
[window] id=“wnd_right” viewports=“vp_right” fullscreen=“false” WinX=“1200” WinY=“300” ResX=“600” ResY=“400”
[window] id=“wnd_ceiling” viewports=“vp_ceiling” fullscreen=“false” WinX=“600” WinY=“0” ResX=“600” ResY=“300”
[window] id=“wnd_floor” viewports=“vp_floor” fullscreen=“false” WinX=“600” WinY=“700” ResX=“600” ResY=“600”

Attaching this config here.

I have trid this,
I am getting blank window and closing as soon as it opens!

Would like to know how I can set up main screen with game and second with UI from 1 monitor?

Hope you can help guide in the right direction. Thanks.

I hope, I found the right person.

I am building a simulator,
As soon as the simulator starts, I want to assign multiple cameras(4) to multiple displays(4).
I tried to do with ndisplay, it was abit confusing.
Can you help me with this please ?