[Feature Request] Object & Materials

Hello all,

I’am new to UE4 so sorry if one of this two feature request is already possible.

The Hammer Editor from VALVE is very old but it has some cool things I would like to have in the UE Editor.

  1. Be able to resize objects easy with the cursor like an IMAGE, What I mean by that? I will upload an Video so you can see what I mean! For now we need to Click on a Object and go to scale section and type the Dimension, In the Hammer Editor of VALVE we can do this with our cursor by taking one corner and resize it like an image, also the texture is automatically fitting by the object size! Very Easy right?
    Here the Video: - YouTube

  2. Give each side of an Object (Cube or something) a own texture.

Here the Video: - YouTube

Like you can all see I’m able to select an Object in the Hammer Editor and go to the 2D Grid and start drawing my Cube I don’t find out if this 3 things are possible in UE4 but it seems not, I think it would be very useful!

Thank you

  1. this can be done in unreal when using bsp brushes. you just need to be in geometry editing. aside from that theres also the scale gizmo that you can use by selecting a mesh then pressing R or you can cycle through the gizmos (location, rotation, scale) by pressing the space bar.

  2. this is also something that can be done with bsp brushes. if you need this type of functionality on a custom mesh then you didnt plan ahead on what you wanted to create, or you didnt think about it when creating your textures and materials.

the last release of the hammer engine was in 2005, if there were a very useful feature that it had then i imagine that feature would have been implemented in ue4 by now. im not saying its bad to propose new things, im just saying everything you propose can already be done.