[Feature Request] Numpad "period' for floats

Just a small feature, optional of course: an ability to use the numpad ‘Del/.’ key for the ‘comma’. Maybe it’s just me, but using the numpad for numeric values in blueprints and properties panels with the comma is a bit of the pain.

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand. Are you a foreign-language UE4 user?

Is C++ localized to use the comma for decimal values? Or just the editor? Or am I confused?


I should have been more specific, as in fact, it is a language/keyboard layout problem. After your question I have checked a few things and I will try to make it as clear as possible.

  1. I’m speaking about the editor, about the inputs that accept numeric values.
  2. The problem is not a bug or UE4 editor’s fault in any way, it is a system/language/keyboard layout problem.
  3. I am using a polish keyboard setting in Windows. (If I switch to any english layout everything works as “expected”)
  4. In this layout, belive it or not, someone did have a “great” idea to make the numpad “Del/.” key to work as a “,”
  5. But if you take Blender for example, it kind of knows about this problem, and it overrides the system layout making the “Del/.” key to work as a “.” again in the numeric inputs, even with the polish keyboard layout active. And this kind of behaviour would be really, really nice in the UE4 editor as well.

I’m not sure how many national keyboard layouts are affected by this problem, but the fact that Blender does this kind of trick could imply that this is not a polish layout only issue. And I am sure that the guys from the Epic Games Poland division can be very helpfull in this particular matter :wink: