[FEATURE REQUEST] Null Blueprint Node

I realise how I can unset a variable in a blueprint, but this leads to confusion when you are reading the otherwise wonderful world of blueprints.

Did I forget to connect something? or is this item purposely null?

I would suggest that we have a node that returns null. You can plug that into the input and then you KNOW you are setting something to null.
Something like this:

Surely something easy that can be implemented in the engine?

It absolutely is!
I just gave a similar answer here.

So, we’re actually gonna be doing this our selves, and its super easy.
Just create a Macro Library, these let you access macros from any blueprint.

Create this macro in one, then drop this file into the Engine/Content folder, and then boom!
You can access this macro from every blueprint in every project just as if it was built into the engine itself! And why stop there, you can create all kinds of crazy super useful stuff!

I’m actually thinking about my own Standard Function and Macro libraries as they are HUGE.
Just remember you need to copy and paste them for each engine upgrade, but other than that, there’s no real hassle!

Definitely read that other answer, I go into more depth.

That’s it! Cheers!

Thanks for that!