[FEATURE REQUEST] Notify user of new engine update in Epic Games Launcher

I’ve been using 4.9.2 for the last week or so, but I did not realize that 4.10.1 was available until I looked on the community page of the Epic Games Launcher, beneath the UE tab.

I then went to Library -> Engine Versions -> Add Versions to find the 4.10.1 update.
when I hit the “Launch [engine version]” button, and I do not have the latest update, I would like for the tool to notify me that a newer version is available.

Perhaps there is something, and I just missed it?

Hi Dave,

That’s pretty odd, normally there are little orange markers on the tabs and icons when there is a new update. It seems like a bug with the launcher. You can report it at the answerhub and we’ll take a look.

You most likely dismissed the icon for 4.10 when you also dismissed the one for 4.9.2, since you apparently only updated to 4.9.2 recently (when 4.10 was already available)