[FEATURE REQUEST] Non-DF Shadows on SK while DF Shadows on SM

Hi. I’m building a game that uses dynamic lighting (flickering) and it would be great to take advantage of distance field shadows using other sources of light (non-directional lights). The problem is with distance field shadows on, point lights do not cast a shadow on my character (skeletal mesh).

It would be amazing and flexible to have an option to still cast non-distance field shadows on meshes that are not compatible (skeletal meshes) while casting distance field shadows on static meshes. Until then, I’m just going to have to deal with sharp shadows.

Thank you.

Dude! Read this. It shows how to enable distance field shadows for non-directional lights (point / spot). It also says that distance field shadows don’t start until the farthest distance set for cascaded shadow maps (aka Dynamic Shadow Distance). There’s more in it that I don’t want to reveal without reiterating the entire doc page.

DFS doesn’t work on Skeletal Meshes.