[Feature Request] Need visual cues in Play-In-Editor to see certain components (listed in post)

In the Play-In-Editor (PIE), I couldn’t see where certain components are in the level or what they look like when they are obstructed from view.

I cannot see the followings in the PIE:

  • UBoxComponents, when the component is inside a static or skeletal mesh, or the meshes themselves are too big.
  • USphereComponents, same as above.
  • Collision bounding boxes of a mesh component. I wanted to see what the collision bounding box of a C++ initialized mesh component looks like. You can argue that you can see the collision bounds in the UE4 Mesh Editor, but that works for imported mesh with collision meshes imported from external 3rd party software. I just can’t see the collision bounding box of a C++ initialized mesh component.
  • PhysicsConstraintComponent. I cannot tell the difference if the box surrounding a mesh component is the actual constraint component, or a line connecting from mesh component 1 to mesh component 2 is the constraint component.

To show you examples, here are some screenshots: