[Feature Request] Name Pin for Spawn Actor From Class Node

Developing through Blueprints there is currently no way, that I could figure out, to set the name of the Actor you are spawning to a custom name. All spawned actors are given a name automatically. Could it be possible to expose a pin that will allow us to give actors we are spawning a specific name? If this feature request exists could you please direct me to it so I can up-vote. Thank you!


I think the reason this doesnt exist is to avoid duplicate names, thats why its better to let the engine handle it because it can lead to quite severe issues if left unchecked. If you need a tag or a unique name you can add them immediately after spawn.

I figured as much. Also, to anyone looking to do it through a c++ workaround, I tried it and although I was able to pass the name into the FSpawnparams, the name did not change to what I wanted. So I would say that’s a waste of time.

Yeah I think the name might be used during the Garbage Collection so if you have an object with a duplicate name it could end up causing a memory leak. Im not really an expert on the topic though but Ive heard its just generally bad form with UE to have duplicate names.