[Feature Request] My Pain Points (aka, stuff I miss from Unity)

I’m an old UE3 user and I’ve used Unity in the past.
Coming back to UE and I immediately feel that there is some obvious stuff that I find very difficult to live without.
Yeah, I have to admit that I never thought that I would miss them until I used Unity so please don’t reject them until you give some considerations.

(in the order of importance…)

  1. “Scene” View update in Play mode. Having a Scene view side-by-side with the Game view updating in PIE at runtime is immensely useful for debugging. It may hurt performance to update multiple views simultaneously. If that’s the main reason against it, we can make it optional to update Scene View or not.
  2. “Activate” toggle checkbox.

In UE, it is very difficult to temporarily disable some Actors for testing. I usually delete the Actors and then revert the delete but this is error-prone. I often make mistakes saving the scene without completely reverting or reverting halfway. It seems obvious why it’s very useful and it doesn’t seem all that difficult to support this feature.
3. “Package Manager” like import system within the Editor. To import an Asset in UE, often I have to create a new project first and then copy. And I cannot import plugins to Github version of the engine without manually copying it. If there is a version mismatch, I have to create a compatible project, copy, and then delete it manually. This is really inconvenient and we should be able to import Assets directly from the Editor. This will be useful right now especially because there is no Asset compatible with UE5 and it will be so until the next year.

4. “Mute Audio” from the Settings Menu. Sometimes, I want to work quietly not to bother others, but muting audio is hidden deep inside preference right now. There is “Realtime Audio” in the Settings Menu but it doesn’t have an effect from the Editor. Can we bring it out to a more convenient place?

That’s it and I don’t think they are engine-specific stuff but it can be useful to all editors.

Thank you very much for your support and hard work.