[feature request] Multiplayer

It would be great to have a multiplayer smaple (local not over network). It will help us a lot to learn from.
Otherwise I love every single button in the engine.

Best wishes

What do you mean exactly? Because as far as I know, the shooter demo implements multiplayer.

I mean coop. something like TMNT, Shaolin Monk, Streets of Rage games… pick your 2 players (or more) pick their characters and do missions together.

Well, making coop is not really hard. You use the shooter game template, add teams, so you’re in one team with your friend. And the other team are all your enemies, everything controlled by ai. It’s just a small modification of the shooter game example :slight_smile:

let me have a look… I never thought about it that way :slight_smile: but again that will be network based isn’t it? I was thinking both players play on the same console/pc.
you’re awesome thanks

We are doing some work right now to make it easier to set up local (non-networked) coop!

This is the best reply I ever had in UE/UDK forums :smiley:
THANK YOU VERY MUCH, looking forward.