I am not sure if something like that already exists, but in FMOD it’s called “scatterer sound”. You can make scatterer sound event, add bunch of sound files to it and then play them randomly (with various control options). Good for simulating swarms, crowds, nature sounds, etc. and adding randomization to things like vehicle engines, etc.

I am sure something like that can be set up in BP, but having native functionality would go a long way :wink:


I believe it’s very much possible to do with Sound Cues.

The Random node should do the trick!

If you are just looking for a way to play sounds randomly from a list the above mentioned random node within a cue does already do the trick. To emulate random direction and distance like in the FMOD scatter object you have to use blueprints, Joe Hudson did a great tutorial how to set up something similar:

Thanks folks, I’ll look into those.