Feature Request: Multi-Select and drag Marks in Sequencer

As part of my cinematic dialog system, I am using Marks as start and stop points for sections. I am using the SetPlaybackPosition and PlayTo blueprint nodes. This works great. This allows me to skip around, play a section, and pause at the end.

My issue: if I ever want to change the the length of a section (Which I do frequently), I have to manually move each mark individually to accommodate the change. If there are a lot of sections, it takes a lot of time and it gets messy. I end up spending most of my time repairing the timing.

Solution: Make Marks functionally identical to Keys. I can select an entire section of Keyed points and move them over where I need them, so why not marks? As it stands, marks are the only way to drive PlayTo points directly in Sequencer.

If Marks serve a different purpose, why not a specialized Track that could also drive PlayTo?

Additionally thoughts: This logic could be extended to camera cuts. I generally will select all keyframes with the intention of extending a section, but I have to move the cuts as a separate action.