[Feature Request] Move multiple selected UMG widgets together as a group

If you select multiple widgets in your hierarchy have the ability to drag move them around as one (all widgets keep relative position to each other while moving). Right now you need to click on each widget and move it separately.

A drag selection box would be nice as well.

I would also like this. And also be able to “nudge” the selection with the arrow keys.

Bumping this ! Being able to nudge stuff with the keyboard arrows and wasd would be sooo nice. Drag select and move widgets around as a group would be very cool too.

Does anyone know if this is possible at all? I am trying to do this now. Thanks in advance!

Thanks MADHOUSE I now realize I am trying to do something else. Whoopsie. I’ll start a new thread for it.

Since some versions back clicking on a widget component allows you to “nudge” it with the arrow keys. You can also ctrl+click select multiple components and “nudge” them as a group.