[Feature Request] Mesh Type Data - Expansion and Capabilities

The question is located here and I would also like to know if other FX artists feel the same way about that.

The idea is a good one. If I might expand on it a bit more:

Feature Request:
Description - Within the Cascade Type Data Module under the (MESH) tab, include the ability to add multiple meshes as well as sequence options.
Attached is a quick mock-up I made in Photoshop. This does not actually exist and is simply a demonstration.

By all mean Jeremy go ahead, Thanks you made it sound more interesting ^^.

I might try to change the name of the thread to something like:
“Mesh Type Data - Expansion and Capabilities”

This wouldn’t all be from one FBX file. The idea would be to add multiple meshes from the content browser into a list of some sort within the type data where you are able to use that list in particle effects.