[FEATURE REQUEST] Material Parameter Input Connection

Maybe I am missing something, but I would love to be able to connect the output of a material node to a parameter node to set the value of that parameter, so that parameter can be used elsewhere in the graph to help cleanup connection lines. If the Parameter node has no connection to input, it would default to its normal behavior, otherwise the parameter would use the value of the input connection. I assume this would mean a parameter node, when used several times in a graph, could only have ONE of those nodes to have an input connection to function properly?

I think this would work wonders in helping to cleanup node spaghetti in the material editor. If a calculated value is connected to several places in the graph, you could make a parameter, connect the input, thn duplicate thatparameter node elsewhere and connect the output, leaving input unconnected, and this would remove long connection lines going through/under etc, other nodes.

Or, perhaps a seperate Parameter Input node that would use same name as its sibling Parameter Node?