[FEATURE REQUEST] Material Parameter Collection with texture support

Current Material Parameter Collection does only support scalars and vectors. A nice addition to that would be textures.

It is a common practice to assign the same collection of textures for sampling across many different materials (especially when you are developing new rendering techniques such as fog of war, shadow mapping or techniques that are based off custom render targets). Current workflow looks as follows:

  • for every material that needs sampling, assign needed textures
  • if you need to change the amount of required textures or texture settings, go to all materials and change it manually

With Material Parameter Collection with texture support you would have to set all the texture settings only once and it would update for all materials referencing it.

Would be nice to see addition of arrays and matrices too.

I went looking for this today. Seems not many want this, sadly?

Well, Material Parameter Collection is an ancient and abandoned piece of code. It would use a refactor to make it similar to Niagara Parameter Collection, there’s long list of supported parameters type there…