Would be great if we can create 1 mesh with simplygon that replaces an entire building from a distance to save on polys and drawcalls that also goes with the build light process. Right now im sort of trying to do it a hack kind of method where i make things disappear or appear based on distance but thats not working so well with the precomputed visibility… plus it doesnt really make everything disappear or appear when i want it to…

I am actually quite suprized you guys dont have any features like this… it seems like a vital feature for performance… espeacially if your taking VR seriously since you need all the performance you can get. Other engines like unity3d already have that built in… So please add this asap.

UE4 has support for hierarchical LODs. Isn’t that what you are looking for?

No not at all. Hierarchical LODs merge objects together that are already in the scene… keeping the mass poly counts as well as all of the textures eating up the memory. Im talking about completely replacing all of the models with a new model that i created myself. 1 model with en entirely different material/mesh. Also fun fact HLODs have never worked for me… i have not tried version 4.11 yet, but its been constant build fails… ive reported it many times with no answer as to why. Though personally i think HLODs are trash since i tend to merge things myself either way… but thats just my opinion… HLODs in their current state do not help in performance for me…

In today’s twitch stream from GDC, they talked about a new type of LOD where you can determine the importance. It seemed really cool… I would check it out…it was on the video with Paragon. Not sure if this is what you would actually want, but…


probably not , but i will take a look.

Hey Kurylo,

The HLOD system has been going through big changes, which will be included in the release of 4.11. This system is used in the development of Paragon, so it has proven itself to be functional and beneficial! :slight_smile: