[FEATURE REQUEST] Make sequencer Key controls closer to After Effects

In Sequencer the key controls on the left side allow advancing to next or previous key. The center of those arrows is a Plus button to add a key frame.
The problem is it’s easy to end up with keys right next to each other accidently. When that happens the only way to confirm and to delete the errant key is to zoom in as far as sequencer allows and selecting the key.
After Effects has a diamond instead of + sign, that acts as both a button and and indicator. That control makes it possible to step through frames or keys to verify what frames they’re on and allows a user to Add or Delete the current key. Much easier and faster than having to zoom in each time.

Not a fan of Adobe (or Autodesk) setting wider UI standards for Unreal Engine. No way, no thanks! :mad:
But if the OP wants a 100% optional setting in the Editor somewhere they can activate, no worries.:wink:

I’m looking for functionality. Could care less about the branding. Unreal already has the same exact layout for the key frames. Put in a function that makes it work much better.