[Feature request] Make BP more compatible with C++

Hello there,

I am working on a project for quite some time now, but now I want to implement some C++ code (project is in BP), but i can’t use my BP parent class with this C++ code. So my request is: Can you make a mechanic that allows you to either translate BP to C++ or let C++ have BP parent classes?

Thanks for your time.

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There’s a feature request on the roadmap for a tool to “convert blueprint to C++.”
It’s not implemented yet, but it’s actually marked as under active development right now, for what that’s worth.

Meanwhile, if you re-write the class manually, it’s not actually that hard to transcribe a Blueprint class into C++, one piece at a time.
It’s mostly just tedious typing and adding the right automated tests to make sure it doesn’t break …
Then you can re-parent your child blueprints to that new C++ class once it’s done.