[FEATURE REQUEST] Make blueprint graphs cleaner with nodes shortcuts

My graphs are a mess, and many times links span across the whole area.
It would be nice to create shortcuts to any kind of node, this way one could link the shortcuts rather than the original node, it would mean less lianas in the graphs.

You mean like… a custom event?

I requested same feature around 2014…
It’s like pins hyperlinks, seems like Custom Event nodes, but actually it’s more like reroute pins without wires.
The main difference is that a shortcut won’t execute anything, not function neither delegates, it should only pass around pin wires (without the visual wire showing).

Back then I didn’t understand how the Blueprint VM works, nowadays I probably could do this myself :s
** Hold my beer, I gonna try this weekend and see if I can :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly, like wifi for blueprints. A custom implementation would probably require a totipotent node that would just transfer wirelessly to his mate(s).

I know, I was making that post tongue-in-cheek but honestly for most purposes a custom event will be sufficient, you have to REALLY do something wrong for such a thing to make a dent in your performance, especially with all the other VM stuff that’s going on.

I got a prototype working, with exec pins.
Took me some time to figure out that “reroute nodes” in C++ are actually called “Knots”.
After discovering that was quite easy to put together a custom node pair that becomes reroute nodes once the blueprint is compiled.
(they have zero runtime cost because they only exist in the blueprint editor, the compiler optimize them out, Epics’ are too smart :stuck_out_tongue: ):

  • when double click one of these nodes the graph focus the ones linked to it *

Can’t wait for the full version! you can’t imagine how much I want to set up only ONE getter for bp instead of a dozen.

Yeah but what I came up with above is actually pin links, not full nodes. And they can only work on pins that exist in the same graph because there’s no function call.
For external nodes a Custom Event does the trick.

I don’t see it as an issue at all, as long as all kinds of pins are supported, if it’s only exec pins then it’s a sort of custom event. Will it be available in the store?

The issue he means is you can’t use it across graphs, i.e. you won’t be able to plug something from within a function to something outside of that function etc.

Anyway, I just got it working with every variable types supported by Blueprints: