[Feature Request] Light or Camera Texture Projections

Hi, I’m trying to apply some Visual Effects camera/light/texture projection techniques to a UE4 4.8 scene (which we do all the time in VFX to create very cool effects) and it’s surprisingly burdensome to try to get a light to clearly project a translucent material onto simple background geometry (even just planes) as in the stained glass demo, using an image as “a slide in a projector” if you will, and being able to simply project a light through it to throw that image onto simple geometry, or load an image texture material into a light, or camera as a projector. I understand this may be very difficult with the way UE4 must pre-calculate much of the lighting, but if it were possible to even just be able to use a special type of precalculated “texture light” or “camera projector” even in certain instances, all kinds of amazing effects and scenes would be possible (and necessitating very little in the way of actual geometry).

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I second this feature request.
This is a pretty basic thing to want to do - project a texture from a camera position (or light).

Does anyone know of any workarounds?

Do you mean like this?

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