[Feature Request] Library Sorting Options.

Afternoon every one.

Could I Politely request to have the ability to sort, hide and categorise our Unreal Engine Library assets added to the engine’s interface, please!

I’m sure there are many out there that will greatly appreciate having these simple feature at their fingertips, as the libraries can get rather large rather quickly.

So it would be nice to be able to categorise the items in your library, hide items in your library, and sort items in your library.


Yes Please, I have a lot of assets from the marketplace & this would help out tremendously

I was literally about to make this same exact post but then I saw this one.

We really need a way to better filter the plugins we have in the launcher vault. I for one would love to see the ability to make a category and sort plugins into it. The same idea could also be applied to projects.

We could also use a filter for displaying ONLY stuff with an update. It is really hard to scroll through all the assets looking for the orange marker on them and I often miss some even though I was looking carefully.

I don’t have more details on timing, but there is a redesign planned that includes sorting and organization of your vault.

Organizational options would be amazing!