[Feature Request] Leap Motion and Kinect

Is there any plans to add Leap or Kinect to UE4? There are a couple of non-official plugins. But they lack support and documentation. Maybe merge one of those to main branch, so it can be threat as equal citzien code.

Hi, we are currently talking with representatives from Leap Motion about a plugin. Stay tuned for updates!

What a great news :slight_smile: !

Great! Waiting for!

Forked one of the plugins, updated it to the latest SDK (2.1.5) and UE (4.4) version. Also changed the architecture into an event-driven setup through Blueprint interfaces. This means you can add leap support to any of your blueprint classes, receive only the events you are interested in and making it easier than ever to add leap motion support to your project.

See fork thread for download and how to use it.

I hope the official plugin will be great, but if not then this plugin should be very easy to use.

Hey getnamo! Thanks a lot! I will download and compile!

No need to compile! Even better! THANKS!