[FEATURE REQUEST] Landscape physical surface ID

Add a feature, similar to landscape grass, but for physical surface id, so that you could control distribution of landscape physical surface types in a shader.

Implementing this would greatly improve landscape material possibilities.

Pinging this one - we could use this in our project!

Hi, guys,

We had an existing feature request for this with ticket UE-24978. I’ve added a link to this thread to it also.
It’s currently slated for 4.14 but that is subject to change based on other tasks we also need to get done.


My thanks. Looking forward to having this feature.

any chance its going to be implemented still?

The ticket appears to have been deleted. Are there no longer any plans to implement this feature?

Ticket deletion was a part of a change, where feature requests were removed from issue tracker. Still, it remains a pretty desired feature.

I see, thanks. Last time I checked, it was supposed to be implemented in 4.16, but I guess that didn’t happen.

Friendly BUMP because I need this.

Hey is there any update on this? The issue seems to be deleted…

I’m afraid this feature request is still backlogged. The ticket still exists, but Feature Requests are not visible through the public tracker.

Has this been added yet or still backlogged? Way in the back haha. I can see how unimportant it may be compared to the complexity to add it.