[Feature Request] iOS and Android push notifications

This engine just keeps getting better and better.

Any ideas on when we’ll have push notifications for mobile?

Blueprints are preferable, but C++ is fine too, if that makes a difference for when they could be accessed/integrated. You guys seem to be way on top of it though, as far as making features Blueprint-compatible on release.

Hey DG Gage,

Some form of this should be in for 4.9 :slight_smile:


Awesome! You guys rock

is there any good news about this topic ?

Has this feature been added?

Bump. I could do a project in Unreal instead of Unity if I could get notifications to work at least on Android.

How can I set up pushnotifications in android? Can u pls show me?

me too! i can’t search push notification.

I will be grateful if this feature will be added in the engine for android and ios. :slight_smile: