[Feature Request] Intuitive/responsive Ctrl+Tab functionality

Currently this key combo 1.) pops up a list of each of your tabs (which is hardly better than just having the tabs already at the top of the window), and 2.) upon quick press, only switches between the two most recent of the tabs. It serves only minimally better accessibility, but doesn’t really help with speed of navigation. It means I have to look for the next tab, navigate my mouse up to it, then look again for the attribute I need to modify, navigate my mouse to it, click, make the change, then shift my focus away and repeat this process for each tab. It really breaks up workflow.

For instance, I’m making similar changes to multiple assets, I open each asset in its own tab in one go. Hitting Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab would allow me to move back and forth through these tabs without much thought and without any searching for where to aim and click my mouse each time I need to move on to the next/previous asset. I can keep my eyes and mouse fixed on the attribute I want to change, use my left hand on the keyboard to switch tabs, make the change, and move on without any search interruption.

I know that nothing is “simple” or “easy” when it comes to design changes like this but I would be so grateful to have just a little less search-aim-click-searchagain going on.