[Feature request] Interrupt shader compile

This is probably my last feature request for a bit since I’ve been making a few, but it’s a big one: please let me interrupt shader compilation.

It takes around 5 minutes to compile a simple shader with 80 lines (or whatever that number means) and sometimes I’m pretty careless and I hit Apply and then I realise I have to make a change. So I do and I hit Apply again. Then I realise that I need to make another change. And so on. Okay, I do this a lot. Except now I have a shader compiler queue that’s like 800 long and I know that my teeny tiny function is going to keep me here for the next hour waiting. That’s really frustrating.

If we can’t get a manual interrupt, can it be smarter about recompiling and cancel earlier attempts, succeeding them with the final version of the blueprint? Also, can simply moving blueprint nodes around to line them up not require a recompile before I can save and close the blueprint?

Shader blueprints really badly need some love when compared to regular blueprints. They’re missing a ton of functionality (such as compacting to automatically create other functions) and I’d dig it if they were brought up to speed. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, what are the specs of your machine? Compiling a single material shouldn’t ever take 5 minutes. It sounds like something else is going on.

Core i5 3450, 16gb ram. After talking on here earlier with one of the engine devs I edited the IDE config to not reserve any cores as well, giving it access to all four.