[Feature Request] Input Settings sorting

When I’m setting up input mappings in Project Settings > Engine > Input, it would be nice if upon typing a single letter into the action search field, the keyboard key with that letter would be the first one to be listed, instead of a bunch of random input methods that happen to have that single letter in them.

Search for E (with the intention of setting up a Use key mapped to the E).
Get every possible button on a Gamepad, because “Gamepad” contains an E.

Hi Bajee,

I’ve entered the Feature Request: JIRA [UE-20569] that search results populated by typing in the text field be sorted alphabetically, as they are in other menus throughout the Engine, when setting up Inputs in the Project Settings. If this feature is added, we will notify you by updating this post.

Thank you for the suggestion to increase the efficiency of selecting inputs in UE4.