[Feature Request] Indicate unresolved camera in Sequencer Camera Cuts

In sequencer it’s not uncommon to have links break as changes are made.
Actors names in Sequencer turn red when this happens so it’s easy to spot the problem and remedy by re-assigning or using the fix option.
However the attach and path tracks do not. (I already filed a feature request)

The Camera cuts also does not indicate that it’s has an unresolved camera. The user has to click on it → Properties and check Camera Bindings
Red text or other indicator (warning symbol) would be handy as this becomes baffling to users as the camera view is fine but rendering or playback shows a random view.

I found this post because I was searching for how to fix crazy sequencer camera issues. What is the fix option?

Unfortunately, none of this has been addressed as far as I know in UE5
The basics are to make sure no tracks are red. If they are use the special Tool → Advanced → Fix Actor references. If that’s the case you need to check the binding on attachments and paths because those can break but are not indicated.
For cameras, you have to right-click on the Camera Cuts track → Properties → Camera Binding ID and make sure it’s set to the camera in the scene that you want.