[FEATURE REQUEST] In/Out node for sound cues please.

I/we have a large sound library of sound effects and a major issue is most needs some kind of editing as to length to make them useful for a given purpose.


We have a large selection of different gun shot sounds professionally mastered but is sampled using the full length of the sound from firing to fade out or is sampled in full auto mode where for the sound of the weapon firing requires a single sample with little or no decay to allow for it to properly loop.

The brute force solution is to export the sample, edit it as to desired length, and import it back into UE4. This works OK if the sound works with the intent but does not always work out as to trying out different samples to window shop for the best fit.

What would be a nice addition is the ability to set the in and out time of where the playback should start and end.

P.S. Yes there is a node that suggest that it does that but it does not.