[Feature Request] Improving Re-targeting (Different Skeleton)

Greetings Epic Team and Community.

I would like to suggest 2 improvements to the re-targeting process (to a different skeleton)
I’m not an expert in UE4, so if such features (or similar ones already exist, please let me know, i could not find that)

  1. Option for Refreshing/Remapping all re-targeted animations due to Skeleton changes.
    Right now, if you adjust the skeleton (change hierarchy or orientation) you need the re-target/re-map the animations again and have to manually replace the references to the old re-targeted animations. There is an option of deleting everything and re-targeting a whole AnimBP which can save time, but when you do this with AnimBP the result is not consistent (sometimes you loose curve names and additive settings and you need to go through all the animations and double check them.)

Easiest solution would be to either have the option within the animations to refresh from the source skeleton and re-create the selected animations or same as you do now,but have the ability to retarget them with the same names and replace the existing files/references (right now it just creates duplicates).

  1. Advanced options for retargeting.
    When you are retargeting to a different skeleton it is pretty common for example that target skeleton has more joints and say one bones function is performed by several bones instead.
    It would be great to be able to extend the retarget manager so you do not just select the bones alternatives but can specify which bones can inherit from the source bone.
    Good example is the Bone Driver node from AnimBP, something similar would be great. You can configure how to map Translations or Rotations of each axis to different target bones.
    This way you could have more control fine-tuning option for retargeting and reuse animations to more exotic skeletons.

Thank you!

Best Regards!