[feature request] import presets

It would be very handy to be able to save import settings to user defined presets so that when importing from different 3d authoring tools (max, blender, houdini, etc), or different types of assets (static mesh, rig animation, morph, etc), that you don’t have to remember all the options that make it work for that program or asset type.

Hi elindell,

Thank you for your request, we will take this into consideration.

I know, very old thread - but today I found myself in the same situation after searching errors. Searching the forums, I found this thread so I decided to post here instead of opening a new one on the same topic.

It would be great, if one could save import settings in templates, so that I do not have to check all settings again and again when importing data. Settings are saved in existing assets - but that’s helpful on reimport only.

In Blender, this is possible with the so called Operator Presets, and this is really extremely useful on exporting stuff. Same on the import side would make me happy - and hopefully not only me :slight_smile:

Please-we-need-it… :slight_smile: