Feature Request: Immediately visible splash screen for Android

Hi, I am also a native Android developer. Unreal Engine is now using code-rendered splash screen, which occurs starting as black screen. But there is a way to do this like most of the Android apps in the market do. Just set splash image as activity background. This way, splash screen will immediately appear when user taps the icon of the game. This would be very nice.

Hi there! I have the issue with the black screen which appears just after splash screen and before my app main menu…Do you know how can I avoid that black screen as it gives the false idea that my app is crashed/stuck.
I am working on Android platform, I hope you may be help me with the issue.

And can you elaborate this “Unreal Engine is now using code-rendered splash screen” feature that you have mentioned above.

Sorry for seeing your message late. “Code-rendered splash screen”: They are using Unreal Engine to draw splash screen instead of using a native splash screen mechanism. Because of this, splash image appears after app launches.

And your black screen issue is a bug at 4.21. Check this out: Splash screen shows too short both in Android and iOS - UE4 AnswerHub