[feature request] House Generator

Awesome engine… ;p love it love it love it.
here’s my suggestion

it will make our life in the new world browser MUCH easier :slight_smile:

many thanks in advance

That is a system you can make with Blueprints yourself.

I wish I could I wouldn’t ask :slight_smile:
but having a tool like that will make it much easier for designers to block large level.

You can! I’m not a programmer either but we have spline component now and Blueprints arent that difficult to get into once you follow the beginner tutorials on Youtube so you can achieve something like that if you spend some time on it and then use it forever. And of course you need modular houses and house parts for it to work and that isn’t something Epic can supply for everybody’s needs.

Something like proc building in UDK I see. This is actually prefectly doable with cosntruction blueprint. It’s actually made for such situations.

thanks guys, I’ll have a look… the thing is, I have a project very soon and there is no much time to spend on learning new skills lol.
I’ll give it a shot and see what can I do

thank you for the tips :slight_smile:

hi, actually it is really easy to make watch this tutorial
and customize it a little by making two mech generator one for the base house and the other for roofs and after generating them all you have to do is modeling a lot of roofs and houses with a modular size and replace them
excuse my english

One way you could try to do this would be to create two different blueprint arrays, one for the house and one for the roof (or you could technically do them in the same blueprint but that may be more difficult). Call both of these in a third blueprint that randomly selects from each array and places them together on a spline component. You can add a function to allow you to tab between different roofs/houses by switching the number in the respective array in the details pane.

Guys I really appreciate all your help and tips. But remember not everyone using UE is a game programmer. In fact I’m a filmmaker. When you say “it’s easy” just do … … … for me that’s Chinese. If you really want to help and you think it’s easy just make a blue print or add on or something and share it with us all.
I am using UE for in the first place because it’s easy to use if I’d have to write code or create all the tools I need myself I would pretty much use any other engine out there. So, I would like to have this tool in UE. Epic have every right to like my request or simply reject it. Other users can either create the tool and share it with us OR make a tutorial showing us how to do it. But replying saying “it’s easy” wouldn’t really help. It’s easy for you but not everyone here as good as you.
My apologies for being frank but I certainly don’t mean to be any rude to anyone. Many thanks to you all for trying to help.