Feature Request: Hold Shift (or other key) for Snap

Been using Sequencer professionally for around 6 months and it’s great! Going back to 3DsMax and Maya are a chore now, Sequencer is well thought out and very smooth.

After mapping a hotkey to Snapping, life got even better, I toggle with Alt+S and use it all of the time but have come to find that it is a little blunt. The snapping turns on all snapping settings, either you get everything (whole frame numbers, snap to keys while scrubbing) or none of snapping settings.

Often, it is a given that whole key numbers should be set, it is pretty uncommon to want to snap to decimal places - but snapping to keys is a variable need. Sometimes the key you want to set it 5 frames away from another key, so toggle snapping off and set the key, except now that snapping is off, the key has been set to frame 125.223*.

The feature request is similar to older graph editors, hold shift to snap to the nearest key frame. Other snapping settings are maintained, like setting keys to whole frames only, except the user requests when they want the time slider to snap to the nearest keyframe by holding the SHIFT key or some other key.

This way, when scrubbing by default, the animator gets a smooth experience where they can preview their animation without the time slider jumping to every keyframe within 10 (or x) frames. Currently, the user needs to turn snapping OFF in order to get a smooth playback (or deselect the track, and the reselect to edit). With snapping off, decimal keyframes are created, etc.

With this change, the scrubbing is smooth, and when the user is ready to snap to a nearby keyframe, they hold a hotkey, like SHIFT, and the time slider snaps to it. This would speed up the animation process and decrease the chance of misplaced keys.

Maybe there is already a way to do this, or a better way currently?

Hello - Good suggestion. We’ve implemented this already for UE5 - holding down shift will snap to the nearest keyframe whether you have the snapping button turned on or off.

And, thanks for your kind words about Sequencer.

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Amazing! Thanks Max!