[Feature Request] Hide unused pins on a BP Node

Some nodes have a lot of input or output pins like the break hit node so they need a lot of space. But most of the time you only need a few of those pins so it would be great to have an option to hide them just like its allready implemented on some nodes like Print String. There you can Hide/unhide some pins with an little arrow at the bottom of the node.

I just dicovered that this exists already on some nodes like the ‘Break ProjectilePathResults’ node. If you select it there is a button you can click to hide unused pins. But why does this only exist on a few nodes and not all of them?

That’s a nice feature idea. In the mean time, you can collapse the node. Right click the node and choose ‘Collapse Nodes’ (even though it’s plural, you can collapse a single node.) Just name your collapsed node to whatever it was called before you collapsed it (i.e. ‘Get Hit Result Under Cursor by Channel’) or whatever else you wish to call it. Only the used pins will be visible on the collapsed node.

Right click it and select ‘Expand Node’ to reverse the process.