[Feature Request] Have Blueprint Event functions automatically show up Event Graphs


I would like to request a feature where BlueprintImplementableEvents and BlueprintNativeEvents can be declared PURE_VIRTUAL and automatically show up on the Event Graph when a designer/artist creates a new blueprint object which houses those functions. This feature would be helpful in conveying to the user which functions they must override in order to avoid Runtime errors or asserts. Maybe it could come in the form of a new keyword, such as BlueprintEventGraphDefault

UFUNCTION( BlueprintImplementableEvent, BlueprintCosmetic, BlueprintEventGraphDefault )
FText GetStatus() const;

At the moment, what we currently do at our studio is declare a BlueprintNativeEvent and put the unimplemented() macro on the _Implementation function in the .cpp file. The issue with this is that the designer/artist does not find out this needs to be overridden until they fire up a game and crash during runtime. It would be extremely helpful if we could force these functions to show up on the Event Graph or Function Overrides table by default. Maybe it could give a compile error until these functions are provided with an implementation.

Mods, if this is not the appropriate place to request a feature, please move it to the correct forum. If this feature already exists, it would be great if someone could point me in the right direction. If any of what I described is unclear, please feel free to ask for clarity.