[FEATURE REQUEST] Gravity nulls that can fit to sockets that can be animated

Hi guys,

What if we can have “animatable gravity”?
Gravity that can override the world gravity and be attached to sockets and nulls that can be animated.
So you could have “flying magnets” or space craft with artificial gravity that doesn’t always have to agree with world gravity.
Or if you have meshes drifting by that attract things around them / push away.
Thank you.

Here is what someone did in UDK that looks really great I think:

[I didn’t use any physics actors or anything similar. The code is made up off 3 main components, one being a modified KActor, the other an extended PlayerController/Pawn combo and a custom Actor used to control the direction of every object in the scene. My code was designed that every dynamic object in the scene can have a different gravity direction. This means that this could be easily achieved using my code. However, In the object that controls the gravity of each actor I don’t check against other objects of the same kind, so only one object can be used per scene (=only one gravity center). But I did think about that too and I may create a new controller object that will support more than one gravity center, it would be pretty easy to code.]

Found it here:

This would also have been a great soundtrack to that video: - YouTube