[FEATURE REQUEST] Google consent SDK usable via C++ or Blueprints

Since Unreal Engine is already supporting for Google AdMob, Google play services, leadersboards, achievements etc., which are easy to setup. Would it be possible to get a support for Google Consent SDK?

Since everyone serving Ads to European Economic Area have to follow the GDPR regulations, I would expect that this is feature is needed by many mobile developers. I spent two days trying to find guides, plugins or anything, to get this to work, but there’s just nothing out there. Unity seems to have these things sorted out.

As far as I know there are three options on how to deal with the situation for your app:

  1. Ask for full consent or close the app
  2. Write the required consent features in Java, with Android Studio and use JNI to call the functionality with C++
  3. Pay 140€ for Universal Mobile Ads Plugin

The second options went way over my head and I’m sure I’m not the only one.