[Feature Request] Glow in UMG

I’m semi new to unreal, but from what I’ve read there’s no way to support glowing materials or anything in the UMG because it sends something to some off-screen rendering something… BUT, I am making an RPG and for my menus such as items, status, equipment, etc, I am wanting a lot of the words to glow. So if that is at all possible, I would be very grateful. I have baked on the glow on the things in my me u that are static, but for things like numbers for HP and such, I can’t.

Anyway, love the engine and thanks for all you guys do!

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Post feature requests in feedback forum. But here few notes related to your request:

-UMG is just a Slate wrapper, so what you requesting is glow in Slate (and UMG support for it too ofcorse)
-Materials don’t glow in Slate because lightning is not rendered in it, Slate is very simplistic in rendering.

As alternative solution think out of the box, you can make widgets under widget that makes glow, you could use material for that. Or insted of using Slate/UMG make menus composed of actors fixed with player view.

Set the opacity of the text to a low number and then set it to a high number and it will kind of create a glowing effect using a timeline.

Really I still want this feature and particle effect support in UMG. it would be good to make this for UE5.
I guess there is still no hope since 5 years have passed. :frowning:

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