[Feature Request] Give exported animation take the name of the the animation being exported.

I use Motion Builder for all of our animations and from time to time free animations comes our way via Unreal 4 so to score and build a source I would generally batch export all of the animations with in a project folder so we can retarget to our custom rigging. Problem though is Unreal 4 will export all the animations as a take using a default naming of “Unreal Take” so when batch importing into MB each take is rename Unreal take, Unreal Take 1 and so on until I have a wall of Unreal Takes with none matching the proper description of the animations.


To correct this as an issue I would usually just rename the take and save it out and once done can then import the animations over a coffee and a muffin. Normally this is just a few hours of additional work

Until Epic released a massive amount of of Paragon assets that includes 3,493 animation sequences that I would like to re-target to a Motion Builder characterized rig.

That’s a lot of renaming as just as a project it’s self but with a simple renaming of the take (yea right :wink: ) A weeks worth of work could be done in a day over once again coffee and a muffin.


Please Epic save my sanity because if I have to do it I have to do it :wink: