[Feature Request] Get Function Name [Blueprint]

The tile is probably self explanatory.

It would be extremely useful to be able to do this more simply, right click on a function in the graph and convert it to a String consisting of the function’s name.
It would save cluttering up the graphs and also means that there is no need to change names on things such as Timers if/when you change a functions name.

I’m pretty sure there’s no way of doing this currently, but correct me if I’m wrong :smiley:

I would like to have it as well, for debug warnings.

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Sounds helpful for Timers etc. Maybe add the request here too…


Bump to this topic. It would be really neat!

I’d recommend you calling events this way. Name of called function gonna be changed automatically, all you need is to recompile blueprint after changing event’s name.
Drag wire from “Event” input pin and type “Create Event” to make this magic happen.


Calling functions by string is always unsafe since it creates opportunity to make a bug. IMHO “Set Timer by Function Name” should’t be available in visual scripting :wink:


^Additional note: It works for void Functions, too. So you should always call them this way and not via string

I know I’m responding to an old post, but have recent versions made it so you could drag a function into a graph to say ‘createEventForFunction’ or something to that effect (thus reducing the number of steps required to do the solution required by [USER=“69”]Doctor Ergot[/USER] by 1) That, to me, would be the ideal form of this feature request.

Except you can’t pass an event reference to another function or macro. But you can pass a string. This means setting a timer by event is much more limited in it’s use than using the string version.

Case in point. I want a function that can call a pair of montages for two different actors. When those montages are finished playing, I need a timer to call another function. In order to maximize the reusability of this function, I need to be able to pass which function will be called after the montages have finished. “Timer by Event” does not solve this, Timer by string is a perfect use case here. Please do not remove this valuable feature. Thank you.

This would make getting the function name even more needed, to prevents bugs as you mentioned.