[FEATURE REQUEST] Generic keypress event handler


I have a new feature request :slight_smile:
This time it is for a Generic KeyPress Event*.
And what better way to describe it than an example use case.
So here we go.

Consider the following:
I want to relocate the character to certain predefined positions on the press of a key.
The locations are indicated by an actor type, called “SpawnBeacon”, identified by its ID variable.


On a keypress (0 through 9), the character looks for the beacon and sets the location accordingly:


What I now would love, would be a “Generic KeyPress” event, where I can evaluate the pressed key in the event.
It would spare the necessity to create multiple keypress events for cases where several keys are supposed to do the same thing,
as well as, like in this case, allow for the pressed key to be evaluated as paramter.

I hope I described it not too weird.
Let me know what you think… :slight_smile:

*It might be that it will imply antother feature: Events that support parameter.
It would be really convinient if Event nodes could allow for parameters that the event could be raised with.
(Im used to have parameters in events from Delphi :slight_smile: )
So, keypress events could carry a char/string variable that holds the pressed character.
The Tick event could give the current game/tick time convieniently as a pin.
It would save quite some getters in the graph, I guess.