[Feature Request] Generate Unique UVs

Can we get Generate Unique UV’s feature(and maybe something a bit more advanced hopefully) in the UDK back in here too please? I’ve used it for simple meshes sometimes in the UDK and from what i’ve seen so far the lightmaps are a lot cleaner with even smaller resolutions compared to the UDK, so it could be more useful now. Or even a tick box in the import dialog to generate UV’s for static meshes would be great.


rocket already has the “generate unique UV” feature for static meshes.

In the static mesh editor you have to go to the window tab and there you can enable the Generate Unique…

Ahh, i must be going blind. :confused: Thanks guys.

Id like if this was on the options when importing a mesh then we can generate them for a batch. If its expensive it can be done in the build process, which could give an option for global lightmap density if all generated meshes receive equal UV space dependent on their physical size.

It’s actually in the details panel under import settings. Right hand side of the mesh editor. There’s a checkbox for it, check it then click reimport.

I fail to find the “window tab”. I went trough all possible places in the UI of the static mesh editor. How can I miss it… Any ideas?

Hi dimitrov,

This is an archived post from our beta users that is for reference only. If you are still experiencing this issue after trying Hyperloop’s suggestion, please create a new question.