[Feature Request] Freezes Rigidbody Position/Rotation


When I tried to create 2D platform game like AngryBirds and SideScroll Game, I wanted to freeze axis of Actor’s position. In Unity3D Engine, a RigidBody component has the property of constrains like the following image:


Checking ‘Freeze Position Z’ (because Unity is Y-up) makes a game 2D. Game Objects never move to front or back. In UDK, I had to make sandwich using BlockingVolume to do that. If Rocket implements the same features, it’s very useful.


Hey Kazuhisa,

I have submit this for the team to consider. Thank you.

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You should be able to achieve the same effect using a PhysicsConstraintComponent/Actor, setting the linear of angular degrees of freedom to locked. For rotation, you could also try setting the inverse inertia tensor to 0 along some axes, effectively giving you infinite inertia for some rotations. I can certainly see the convenience of exposing this as simple check boxes on the physics body, I’ll add that as something we’ll look into.