Feature request for the Destructible mesh editor


I noticed something about the destructible mesh editor that could use improving…

I made a window, basically a rectangular mesh with a transparent material. Later on, I decided to experiment with making it destructible. Unfortunately, since I gave it a transparent material, it is really hard to spot in the editor when I first load it up.

If it is at all possible, I’d like to suggest the ability to set the lighting model to “unlit,” “wireframe,” et cetera in the DM editor.

I didn’t see it in the destructible editor. Of course, UE4 isn’t my day job, so if it’s already there and I missed it, then kindly disregard :slight_smile:

I could temporarily change the material (I see that that IS in the destructible mesh editor), but this might be another way of doing things, and who doesn’t like to have another tool in the tool belt?