Feature Request for Material Function: Arbitrary Input

I’ve recently discovered the power of material functions, and simultaneously discovered its Achilles heel (unless, of course, I’m unaware of something).

I wanted to make my own custom brightness contrast using a material function. Problem is, there isn’t an arbitrary input. The inputs must be specified (whether scalar, vector, texture2d, etc etc). This is very inhibiting because it causes me to have to either use static switches to choose between using an RGB or Grayscale or Texture input. The other way is to create separate functions for each input, which is tedious and lets be frank… bad.

An arbitrary input would allow me to use anything as an input, even if it has the potential to crash the editor, or worse (blow up my computer - lol)

The idea is, the editor would decide what it should be. Should it be scalar, vector, texture2d? etc. This would allow flexibility when creating material functions.

Please let me know if there’s a way to do this, or if it’s on your todo list. If not, I recommend this feature! :slight_smile: