Feature request for launcher

Hey guys.

Can I ask that the launcher allow “add to project” to select a directory for a project to add content to. Right now it searches the default project folder for projects, only in some networked environments (like my current one) the directory where I store my projects is not the default. However I still want to be able to add content I’ve bought in the marketplace to my projects. The problem is there is no browse to directory functionality in that part of the launcher, so I’ve got a blank set of projects and therefore can’t add my downloaded content to the projects I have in my own directory structure.


Download the marketplace content and then go to your engine installation folder->Launcher->VaultCache->MarketplaceItemName

Restart the launcher if its not showing projects you created. Its not tied to UE.

Side note:
Also dont bother with symlinking default projects folder to other location, launcher not smart enough yet, shows every project twice.

in cmd.exe shell
cd %HOMEPATH%\Documents
move “Unreal Projects” “Unreal Projects.old”
mklink /d “Unreal Projects” E:\more

Good place as any to add side note for others with smallish SSD and big hard drive combo.
Using symlink for VaultCache so far has worked fine for me.(29.2GB in my VaultCache from all the demos,…) Unlike the re-pointing of personal projects directory…

for example in an Admin CMD.exe
cd “%ProgramFiles%\Epic Games\Launcher”
move VaultCache VaultCache.old
mklink /d VaultCache E:\VaultCache
drag and drop existing VaultCache.old stuff into new symlink…

Hopefully im not missing simple option in settings to do this…